So what’s free today, LB?

Free? You expect to get something for free? Well, you’ve been giving us an ebook a day and… And you’ve grown used to it? You know, I probably should have expected as much. I made 7 of my Kindle ebooks available for free download in January, 5 of them... read more

Flash! (Like, seriously…)

Aren’t they pretty? That’s the LB logo on the cap, and nothing else to clutter it up—no web address, no catchy slogan, no sales pitch. And pretty’s the least of it. What a supremely useful gadget! Twist it and it’s a dandy ballpoint pen.... read more

FREE—today only!

On Monday I sent out a newsletter announcing that the first Kit Tolliver story, “If You Can’t Stand the Heat,” was free on all Amazon platforms worldwide. A comforting number of you hastened to download it, and today—that would be Friday, January... read more