How to Enjoy July

How to Enjoy July… Not difficult at all, really. All I have to do is take a minute to recall how long it took summer to get here and it’s no great trick to rejoice in its presence. But this past week has given me more to be happy about than warm weather.... read more

The Crime Lady on TCOOL

Sarah Weinman had some lovely things to say about THE CRIME OF OUR LIVES in The Crime Lady. That I’m recommending this book should not surprise, because here, as in so much of his work, is this innate engaging quality that all born storytellers have. But it is... read more

TCOOL in The Washington Post

In The Washington Post, Michael Dirda says of THE CRIME OF OUR LIVES: Since Block possesses an almost preternaturally engaging voice on the page, these pieces make for ideal hammock or beach-blanket reading. Click here to read the... read more