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Booklist on BORDERLINE

Posted on Apr 18 by

Hard Case Crime continues to resurrect Block’s early work, often written pseudonymously, from the 1950s and early ’60s. Gleefully mixing soft-core pornography with a thriller...


LB on Cosmicomicon

Posted on Apr 18 by

This post includes commentary from author T.E. Grau, an interview with LB, and his short story, LIKE A BONE IN THE THROAT. To call him a giant in contemporary Noir and crime...


LB on Charles Willeford

Posted on Apr 16 by

In this article, originally published in Mystery Scene in 2010, LB talks about Charles Willeford. In the summer of 1985, Lynne and I moved from New York to Fort Myers Beach,...


Mixing memory with desire…

Posted on Apr 8 by

Mixing memory with desire… That’s April’s job, according to T. S. Eliot, when it’s not otherwise occupied breeding lilacs out of the dead land. He labeled...


MysteryPeople on Scudder

Posted on Apr 7 by

MysteryPeople has a double-barreled review of EIGHT MILLION WAYS TO DIE and IN THE MIDST OF DEATH: In The Midst Of Death and Eight Million Ways to Die are both great examples of...


My Buddy Akalitus

Posted on Apr 1 by

With a new season of Nurse Jackie starting soon, I thought it might be worth repeating this post. I never did get to the set, but I live in hope… On a Sunday evening a...