Here’s an email that came in yesterday:

I surprised my best friend with a limited philatelic edition of Hit Me. My sister surprised me with a copy and she bought a copy for herself. (I’m thinking it’s rather unusual that 3 of the 500 copies of Hit Me wound up in our hot little hands.)

My friend is a real stamp collector while my sister and I are, more simply put, LB fans, scooping up your new titles and reading through the older titles too.

I’m pleased to report that Hit Me pleased us all though probably in different ways…

It’s abundantly clear to me that the world needs more people like these three ladies. Should you wish to emulate them, I’m happy to supply a link along with the admonition that supplies are running low. We have only 66 copies left of the 500 printed—and there won’t be any more. Still, that’s enough to supply 66 of you—or 22 troikas like that of my cherished correspondent.