01-Ebook-Cover-21 Gay StreetNew in the Kindle Store: #1 in the Collection of Classic Erotica, 21 Gay Street. (Candy, already available, is #2.) 21 Gay Street has never been eVailable before, and in fact has been out of print since the original paperback edition in 1960. I just read it for the first time since I wrote it, and found a very interesting sequence I didn’t recall: the female lead works as a first reader for a downmarket magazine publisher, and she guides her boyfriend into the true confession market. Of interest, surely, to the writers amongst you…$2.99, free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.  And don’t you love the cover?

Maybe you already knew this…The book was inspired, if I can call it that, by an earlier book of mine for the same publisher, 69 Barrow Street. Once again, I picked a Greenwich Village address and peopled it with my characters. 69 Barrow Street has some claim to being a crime novel, and was in fact included in a double volume as a joint venture of Subterranean Press and Hard Case Crime. And a few months from now, when it comes out from under an existing contract, it’ll take its place in the Collection of Classic Erotica.

…But I betcha didn’t know this: The inspiration for that earlier book, 69 Barrow Street, was a novel by Harold Robbins that similarly described the doings and interactions of residents of a single building, in that case 79 Park Avenue. I decided I could improve on his title; many years later I learned that Harold’s original title had in fact been 69 Park Avenue—until wiser heads at his publishing house prevailed.

Fortunately there were no wiser heads at Midwood Tower Books, and the naughty number on Barrow Street went unaltered.

And yes, we’ll be offering both 21 Gay Street and Candy, and indeed all of the CCE titles, as handsome paperbacks. With covers like this, how could be not?