liam and tjOkay, where do I start?

Couple of days ago I put together five sets of eight assorted Scudder paperbacks. We mentioned them on Facebook and they sold out overnight @ $49.99 a set. I was encouraged enough to do the same for Bernie R—six sets this time, eight titles per set, mostly mint paperbacks but we offered them as signed reading copies. Same deal, same price. Mentioned them on Facebook and four sets sold in a couple of hours. We’ve got two sets left. I may be able to put together some more sets down the line, if and when I open the right box, but no guarantees.

THE UPDATE UPDATED: The two sets sold, almost as soon as the post went out. Well, gee—I got busy as a nitpicker picking nits, and put together six more sets. Same deal, eight nice fresh reading copies, some UK editions mixed in, and all of them signed by The Big Fellow.

I’m thinking of putting together a multi-copy set of the Tanner series. I’ll have to see how many copies we can spare. (The reason we have all of these paperbacks is LB’s agent used to need them for foreign submission; now, in an age where everything is electronic and moves magically through cyberspace, that’s not as necessary as it was.)

While I was looking for things, I found a lost box of The Burglar in the Rye. We were down to one or two copies, having discarded several with ripped covers and other disasters, and they were pegged at $24.99, but we’ve got enough on hand to put ’em on special at $9.99. Facebookers grabbed a batch, and last I looked we have 19 left. These are hardcover first editions in brand-new condition, and of course I got him to sign them.

The steady ka-ching! that greeted the price drop on Rye led me to hunt some more, and guess what? We’ve got an equally good supply of the Dutton hardcover first editions of The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza and The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian. They’re firsts, they’re signed, and they’re the same format as Rye—and, duh, the same price. $9.99.

Oh, before I forget. The Burglar Paperback Reading Copy set is US-only. We can ship the individual hardcover books internationally, but note that the per-copy shipping charge is double what you’d pay for the book itself, so you may or may not feel it’s worth it. I’m not sure I worded all of this as well as I could have, or as he would have, but click the links and the pertinent shipping information will appear.

David Trevor for LB’s eBay Bookstore

PS—I couldn’t decide which book to illustrate in this post, so decided instead on a still from A Walk Among the Tombstones. Just because I like it. That’s Liam Neeson as Matthew Scudder and Astro (aka Brian Bradley) as TJ. But you figured that out, right?