0tigerJust last week we offered first-edition copies of several Evan Tanner paperbacks. Tanner’s Tiger sold out almost immediately. (In fact we sold one more copy than we had, embarrassingly enough.)

If that’s the door, here’s the window: We have a good stock of the Subterranean Press first hardcover edition. Here’s the description from the eBay listing:

TANNER’S TIGER. The Subterranean Press first hardcover edition of Tanner #5. The trade edition, identical to the slipcased-numbered-limited edition except (duh) it’s not numbered, has no limitation sheet, and isn’t slipcased. But it’s signed, of course, and fresh out of the box, a fine example of Sub Press’s high standards. And the price is different, too; because LB got paid in copies, and because we still have a lot of them, we’re putting this on special at $9.99.

What we haven’t mentioned is that the cover illustration is by Phil Parks, and the book takes Tanner to his most exotic destination yet—Canada, where there’s a plot to blow up the Queen of England. Now you know.

While you’re climbing through that open window, you might want to look at what we’ve added. There’s a batch of one-copy-only anthologies with an LB story or intro, all priced at $9.99 or less. And, of course, the auction started last night, and the bidding’s barely gotten underway.

-David Trevor for LB