Over the years, a few booksellers and collectors have tried to locate a Dell book listed as Their Own Thing—but no one has ever seen a copy, or heard tell of one offered for sale. My friend Lynn Munroe, paperbacker extraordinaire, reports a solution to the mystery:

beyondgroupsexLarry –

The next Dell after THEIR OWN THING (Dell 8678) was announced in 1972 is Dell 0884, BEYOND GROUP SEX: The New Sexual Lifestyles.

On the first page inside the front cover, in large letters, we find: They all do / THEIR OWN THING!

And on the dedication page: for JILL EMERSON, who does her own thing with aplomb and who may do mine whenever she wants…

You suggested Dell never published THEIR OWN THING, but retitled it. This is it.

One more mystery solved,


Well, now we know. I’m afraid I can’t offer you the mythical Their Own Thing, but you can snap up Beyond Group Sex. And really, how can you resist…now that you’ve seen the cover, and now that you know (cue Paul Harvey) The Rest Of The Story.