We just got word from eBay that we’d been promoted to Top-Seller Status, and listed at the Bronze Performance Level. We’re not sure just what that amounts to, but it has to be good, right?

One perk is a discount in the fees they charge us, provided we reduce our posted handling time from 3 business days to 1, and maintain a 14-day return policy. We already had the return policy on everything but audiobooks, but we’ve now extended it to include them as well. And, since we’ve filled all orders within a day of receipt, we were happy to embrace that policy as well. So now it’s official: we’ll ship your order right away, and we’ll accept returns.

We’re able to fill overseas orders, but if you’re ordering from outside the US, the Priority Mail postage is going to be expensive. You can minimize costs by ordering more than one item at a time and requesting an invoice from us; we’ll be able to combine shipping charges and very likely save you some money.

Since yesterday’s post, we added several anthologies, an audiobook, and a couple of items I’d ike to call to your attention:

ronaldHCRONALD RABBIT IS A DIRTY OLD MAN. We opened a box and found copies of ASAP’s large-format limited editions, both the trade paperback @ 49.99 and the deluxe acrylic-slipcased hardcover @ $99.99. (We’d listed the paperback earlier and sold out; then we found these, thought hard about raising the price, and decided to leave it unchanged.) Whether or not you want these, have a look at the listings.

Also from Jim Seels and ASAP: LB’s Bibliography, the 1993 limited edition. There’s a new and far more comprehensive bibliography of LB’s work currently in preparation, but this book is a brilliant collector’s item, and we have enough to price them right at $19.99. Again, the listing’s worth a look even if you know this is not your thing.

—David Trevor for LB’s Bookstore