I’m not sure what brought this to mind…

It must have been around twenty years ago. I was in DC on a book tour, and my media escort told me about the time she’d been making the rounds with Bob Keeshan. In one TV studio she ran into a colleague, who was escorting Israeli general Ariel Sharon.

This struck her as a rare opportunity, and she introduced the two men. “General Sharon, this is Captain Kangaroo. Captain Kangaroo, this is General Sharon.”

And how did it go?

“Oh, they hit it off very nicely. No saluting, just smiles and a handshake. And then Sharon asked the Captain if he was still on active duty.”

Hard to say how he’d have answered that. His TV show ended a thirty-year run a few years before the encounter, and the good captain died in 2004. Sharon’s spent the past several years in what seems to be called profound vegetative state. I spend a fair amount of time myself in a vegetative state, but there’s nothing terribly profound about it.

If I were a little less vegetative, or a little more profound, I might bring you all up to date on what’s newly available—some John Warren Wells eTitles, mostly—and what’s coming up in the future. But I decided the hell with it. Still, I didn’t want to neglect you entirely. Hence this secondhand recollection of the Captain and the General.