Welcome to Berniepalooza, Day Three!

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Today’s bit of fun is a couple of questions and answers from LB…enjoy! And in case you missed them, be sure to take a look at Bernie’s recipe and The Bernie Quiz.

Do you do a lot of research for the factual and historical aspects of the Burglar novels? Or do you tend to use information that you already have stored up?

If my mind were a lifestyle, it’d be an episode on Hoarders. Facts pile up there so abundantly that it’s hard to get through the aisles, and some of them are actually true. That’s a help, certainly, but what it mostly does is point me in the right direction, and the Internet takes me the rest of the way. I’d be dead in the water without Google and Wikipedia.

Why does Bernie wear Pumas? Do you have something against Nike or Adidas?

Bernie wears Pumas? I’ll take your word for it. That’s one fine point I can’t claim to recall. But I do know his favorite dress shoes are the black Allen-Edmonds toe caps he stole from an apartment in THE BURGLAR WHO TRADED TED WILLIAMS.