My decision to self-publish The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons has had gratifying results, but there’s been a downside: self-pubbed titles don’t get much media attention or store distribution. Well, Orion’s UK edition just came out, and here’s Geoffrey Wansell’s lovely review in the Daily Mail:

“Wise-cracking New York bookseller and burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr, back after almost a decade, is one of modern crime’s most delicious characters.

“An erudite, literary man at one moment, expert thief the next, Block’s Rhodenbarr is a descendant of Nick Charles from Dashiell Hammett’s masterly The Thin Man — full of the driest wit and the neatest one-liners — although on the wrong, rather than the right, side of the law.

“But, as happens here, Bernie usually finds himself embroiled in a murder that forces him to turn private detective to save himself, this time after stealing an F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscript for a client.

“Replete with references to crime novels of the past — Bernie’s cat is called Raffles — it is a delight to find the burglar back on his best form, proving that, even at 75, Block is still one of the greatest crime writers of his or any other generation.”