spoonssheetI spent much of the weekend preparing the limitation pages (also sometimes known as signature sheets) for the Limited Collector Edition of The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons.This is a four-step process: sign them, affix the custom postage stamp, apply the custom cancellation, and add the serial number.

And I have to say I’m happy with the result.

I’m rather less happy with my inability to add the photo I’ve posted here to the book’s eBay listing. It used to show the book’s cover, along with a full sheet of the postage stamps; when I tried to add the limitation sheet, eBay responded by deleting all photos from the listing. They’re not mad at me (although the Gods may be) as it seems simply to be a systemic glitch, and, judging by the results when I Google “can’t post photo on eBay,” it’s a glitch that occurs rather often.

Limited Cover1030So here’s a photo of the cover. (You can also find it, along with the sheet of stamps, at the eBay listing for the five-copy wholesale lot—with which I dare not tamper, lest eBay delete those photos, along with freezing my bank account and stopping my monthly Social Security checks. Well enough or not, I’m leaving it alone.)

I’ve given the go-ahead to G&H Soho, and their presses will start rolling (or whatever it is that presses do in our era). I’m hoping—but not promising—that we’ll have finished books in hand for delivery by Christmas. Sales have been good, and the following serial numbers are spoken for: 1 — 247, 444, 666, 714, 768, 999, and 1000. We assign serial numbers as orders come in, but will take requests, so if some number has special significance to you, we’ll set it aside for you if it’s available. Just email David Trevor (lawbloc@gmail.com) and tell him the number you’d like; he’ll earmark it, at which time you can place your eBay order; we’ll confirm your number upon receipt of your payment. (And no, there’s no extra charge for this.)

Spoons_CoverWhile the Limited Edition is most on my mind right now, what with all that signing and stamping and numbering, I should note that the eBook and HandsomeTradePaperback are available for pre-order at Amazon. If a signed copy is worth a slight premium, you can pick one up in LB’s eBay Bookstore—and with these we actually can guarantee delivery by Christmas.