~David Trevor here, reporting from LB’s eBay Bookstore. I just spent a couple of hours uploading new listings, and LB says tell everybody what you’ve got to tell them and then you can go home.

Well okay.

This afternoon I took a big box of galleys and proofs and advance reading copies, which all come under the heading of ARCs. It’s very hard to know how to price these items because it’s a question of supply and demand. We know the supply is small but we don’t know the extent of the demand, and that’s the beauty of an auction, isn’t it? Because it’s up to you to clue us in.

Most of these ARCs are scarce and collectible, including several from Subterranean Press and Hard Case Crime. I don’t see the point in listing them here individually because all you have to do is go to the page where they’re listed and you’ll see at a glance what’s up for bids. Then click on any of the lots and you’ll get front and back photos and a product description.

I’ll especially call your attention to this particular ARC. It’s a rare ARC of a hard-to-get book, and on top of that it’s got a production error that’s at least as dramatic as that stamp with the upside-down airplane.

The thing about ARCs is some book collectors are crazy about them and some could or couldn’t care less, whichever it is. You know what I mean.

The lots are already listed, they went live a few hours ago, and they all close sometime Saturday afternoon. As usual, opening bids are just 99¢ and everything’s for sale without reserve. If you want a particular lot, all you have to do is pay more than anybody else.

That’s enough about the auction.

What else? Well, LB wrote about how we found twenty more copies of Strange Embrace/69 Barrow Street, the hardcover, and then they started selling right away. We still have copies left if you want one.

We’ve also been moving copies of THE CRIME OF OUR LIVES, the new hardcover. We started with 30 copies in LB’s eBay Bookstore, sold them all, and added 30 more. If you want a signed copy, we’ve got ’em. If you don’t care about signatures, Amazon’s got more copies than we do—and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you qualify for two-day delivery and free shipping.

There’s one more thing, and it’s about TCOOL, and I can’t tell you quite yet. Let’s just say it’s very good news, the kind of news that may make copies harder to get. All the more reason to get one now.

Okay, as soon as I get this into the mailstream I can go home. All I have to do at this point is sign it, and I’d love to go all-LB and sign off with my initials, but he put the damper on that, whatever a damper is. At first I thought it was ego, but now I get the feeling my initials are the problem. They remind him of a time in his life he’d rather forget.



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