Limited Cover1030I don’t know, maybe that exclamation point’s more than the occasion warrants. But I’m thrilled to be able to report that the inestimable David Trevor is back in town, after a month spent elsewhere, doing God knows what. He’ll report for work tomorrow, and so I’ve flung wide the virtual doors of LB’s eBay Bookstore, where you can buy signed copies of many of my books, some of them scarce and hard to find, some of them remarkably reasonable in price, and some of them both of the above.

It’s my profound hope that, empowered by the restorative effect of thirty days of God knows what, the lad will dig through the storeroom and add some new items to our virtual shelves. And perhaps I can even prevail upon him to put together some special collectibles for an eBay auction.

If so, one or the other of us will very likely get out an announcement to that effect. In the meanwhile, why don’t you click your way through the virtual door and see what looks good to you?