51xv4As4+1L._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_Back in the day, there was an advertisement that appeared in no end of magazines, sometimes as a classified, sometimes as a small-space ad. It read like this: LAST CHANCE TO SEND YOUR DOLLAR TO PO BOX 314, EAST JESUS, KANSAS.

That’s the extent of it. No Zip Code, because this was before the Post Office came up with that concept. And no hint at what you might get for your dollar.

Which was, of course, nothing. The advertiser promised you nothing and gave you nothing, and if you wanted to complain, I suppose you could—with a letter to PO Box 314.

No idea how many people dutifully sent in their dollars, but it was clearly enough to keep the ad running for years. And, because I’ve always been one to take inspiration where I find it, it’s my duty and privilege today to tell you that this is your last chance to pre-order WRITING THE NOVEL FROM PLOT TO PRINT TO PIXEL.

And what’s in it for me if I do, LB?

Well, it’s not quite as bad as sending that dollar to Box 314. You get the ebook immediately upon its January 4 release. As you know by now, it’s the classic text that’s been in print since its 1978 publication, now expanded from 60,000 to 90,000 words, updated throughout, and now including new material on the revolutionary developments in ebooks and self-publishing.

And, if you act today, you lock in the $9.99 pre-order price.

And is the price going to increase?

Well, no. It’ll stay at $9.99. So you’re not actually saving any money. But you’ll be saving time, not to mention having one less thing to try to remember. “Oh, tomorrow I’ll have to order P2P2P. I’d better make a note of that, and maybe tie a string around my finger. Now where did I put my pen? And where did I leave that ball of string?” Pre-order now, for Kindle or Nook or Kobo or Apple, and you can, um, forget all that.

Suppose I want the paperback?

I’m afraid you can’t pre-order it—because it’s already on sale at both Amazon and the CreateSpace store. Other online booksellers will have it before long. The price is $16.99.

Gee, I don’t know what to do. I want them both, the ebook and the paperback, but that comes to almost $27. If only there were away to save a couple of bucks…

How about a $7 savings? Kindle’s MatchBook program lets you snap up the ebook for $2.99 once you’ve bought the paperback from Amazon. That brings the price for the pair down under $20.

Now I don’t want this to turn into a harangue. You can pick up P2P2P whenever you want. But I’d feel remiss if I didn’t let you know in time to take advantage of your Last Chance…