Yet another interesting aspect of eBooks is that it’s so easy to adjust their prices that publishers do so all the time. This can benefit all of us—authors and publishers, because price flexibility helps target readers and maximize sales, and readers, who can save money by taking advantage of bargains. If there’s a downside, it may be that it’s hard to keep up with what’s out there…and how much it costs. So I thought I’d review my own books for writers, all of which have gone through a price adjustment in recent months.

writeforyourlifeSPIDER, SPIN ME A WEB: Tips for the Fictioneer Amazon B&N


TELLING LIES FOR FUN & PROFIT: A Manual for Fiction Writers Amazon B&N Audible

WRITE FOR YOUR LIFE: The Seminar in Book Form Amazon B&N

HarperCollins also publishes Step By Step, a memoir that centers on my inglorious career as the world’s slowest racewalker, slogging my way through marathons and ultras. Metaphor aside, there’s inevitably a lot included about my writing life, and some fellow writers have found the book of interest:

STEP BY STEP: A Pedestrian Memoir Amazon B&N

Now for the books from Open Road. Along with 40+ backlist fiction titles of mine, Open Road offers four of my books for writers. The first two, The Liar’s Bible and The Liar’s Companion, are eRiginals, compiled from never-before-collected Writer’s Digest columns of mine and getting a great reception from fans of Telling Lies and Spider.

THE LIAR’S BIBLE: A Handbook for Fiction Writers Amazon B&N

THE LIAR’S COMPANION: A Field Guide for Fiction Writers Amazon B&N


AFTERTHOUGHTS: A Piecemeal Memoir Amazon B&N

I’m a little bit diffident about pushing these books on you, because I’d be hard put to argue that anyone needs to read a book on writing in order to write well. On the other hand, Telling Lies and Writing the Novel have never been out of print in the past 30+ years, so somebody’s finding them of some use.