flash drives

Aren’t they pretty? That’s the LB logo on the cap, and nothing else to clutter it up—no web address, no catchy slogan, no sales pitch.

And pretty’s the least of it. What a supremely useful gadget! Twist it and it’s a dandy ballpoint pen. Unscrew the cap and you’ve got a flash drive. Essential equipment, I’d say, for a literary cyberspy, and I’m sure there’s a version underway with Taser capabilities, and another that detonates on demand.

And where did they come from? Well, a chap named Jeff emailed me and offered to give me a batch in return for a plug right here, in this blog. He’s with a company called USBMemoryDirect.com, and now that you know its name you can probably figure out its URL, but just clicking here should get you there. They make custom flash drives for companies large and small, in all shapes and sizes, and they made these for me, and why wouldn’t I sing their praises in return for such a generous gift?

You say I’m selling out? Hey, I wrote whole books for Harry Shorten for $600. Selling out is how I started my career.

And the question now arises as to what I’m going to do with my LB ballpoint flash drives. I’ll keep some of them, you can be sure of that, but I’ve got a few more than I need. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable selling them, which would be taking crassness a bridge too far, but what I’ll do is give them away to heavy-duty customers of LB’s eBay Bookstore. While they last, I’ll include a free flash drive pen with every order of $99 or more.

Just one thing. Please don’t expect me to sign the pen.