How’s this for somebody’s Christmas? It’s the souvenir sheet LB prepared as an accompaniment for the Philatelic Edition of Hit Me. (Which sold out in a hurry, by the way; I just saw a copy on eBay for $250, a hefty advance over our original price of $75.) We had more sheets than books, and I persuaded LB to give stamp and book collectors a chance at them. Our price is just $9.99 with free shipping to US addresses; international shipping is a few dollars more, but still reasonable. I can guarantee the price through the first of the year, at which time we reserve the right to raise it. Just so you know. Here’s a direct link to our eBay listing.

And, while we don’t have a Philatelic Edition of Hit Me to sell you, don’t forget our stamp-enhanced Collector’s Edition of The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons. And these recent additions: the hardcover first edition of Hit Me @ $26.99 and the trade paperback @ $12.99. (Both signed, of course. LB is a signing fool.)