Wake Up—It’s Evan Tanner!
I don’t mean to shout. But I’d hate for you to miss the latest news about my very first series character, Evan Tanner. As you may recall, he’s the TannerThiefOneperpetual insomniac who first appeared in the mid-1960s in The Thief Who Couldn’t Sleep, starred in six more books over the next several years, and was next heard from in 1998 in Tanner on Ice, after having spent a quarter of a century in a frozen-food locker in the sub-basement of a house in Union City, New Jersey. (They thawed him out, and it was the same old Tanner, all right. He hadn’t aged a day.)HarperCollins controls North American rights to the Tanner series, and offers Tanner ebooks and paperbacks to US and Canadian residents. I’ve been able to ePublish the books myself for the rest of the world, with eye-catching cover art by Jaye W. Manus. They’ve been selling reasonably well in the UK and Australia, and a bit less robustly to Anglophone readers elsewhere in Europe and Asia.

Um, why are you telling us this now?

TannerCzechTwo2Because, having noticed that it’s only on Amazon sites that the Tanner books have been selling, I’ve just taken the step of making them Kindle Select titles, exclusively available on Amazon platforms, pegged at $2.99 US and the equivalent in other currencies. And, to sweeten the deal, I’ve priced the first book in the series, The Thief Who Couldn’t Sleep at Amazon’s minimum: $0.99 US, £0.99 UK, €0,99 Eurozone, $0.99 Australia, etc. I’ll keep the price at that level for at least the next two months, and possibly forever.

I’d be happier if you made it free.

Oh yeah? Well, too bad. But what I will do, just for the next couple of days, TannerTwelveThree2is make the second book in the series free. That’s The Canceled Czech, in which our intrepid sleepless knight liberates a Slovak Nazi from a castle in Prague, smuggles him across borders in a coffin, and brings things to a satisfyingly Tanneresque conclusion.

Starting at 12:01 am Pacific Time, Tuesday 23 February, the book will be free on all Amazon sites worldwide for the next 72 hours. (When it’s 12:01 am in Seattle, where Amazon does its scheduling, it’s 10:01 am in London. I think.)

TannerThaiFour2 TannerTigerFive2TannerVirginSix2TannerJaneSeven2

TannerIceEight2Pretty, aren’t they? Now that I’m looking at them all at once, it seems a shame not to offer them in paperback—and that’s a future possibility, depending on the reception the ebooks get. Time will tell.

Links for The Thief Who Couldn’t Sleep: UK  Germany  France  Spain  Italy Netherlands  Japan  India  Brazil  Mexico  Australia

Links for The Canceled Czech: UK  Germany  France  Spain  Italy Netherlands  Japan  India  Brazil  Mexico  Australia

I should point out that this newsletter is only going to subscribers whom I have logged in my records as living outside of the US and Canada. A great many such persons, who’d be able to take advantage of this offer, won’t receive this mailing because they’re just on my general master list. Thus I’d perticularly appreciate it if you’d forward this to anyone you know who might find it of interest.

Note, too, that all of the Tanner titles are available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, who can borrow them at no cost. I know Amazon doesn’t offer KU everywhere, but perhaps it’s an option for you.

And that’ll do it. Thanks for your attention, and if you haven’t met Evan Tanner yet, I hope you enjoy his company.

You can go back to sleep now…



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