Kit Tolliver is a beautiful and personable young woman with an unusual lifestyle. She picks up men, goes home with them, has mutually enjoyable sex with them—and then kills them. (And, when she can, robs them while she’s at it. I mean, a girl’s got to make a living.)

getting off hcKit’s the protagonist of Getting Off, published by Hard Case Crime. Because the novel is episodic in structure, I made it available exclusively for Kindle as twelve individual stories. (Indeed, many of the episodes were originally published as short stories.)

I’ve made the first episode, “If You Can’t Stand the Heat,” free on every Amazon site throughout the world for the next five days. Nothing to it—click on the link,click on the Buy button, and it’s yours.

If you don’t enjoy Kit’s company, well, you never have to see her again. Think of it as one of those speed-dating trysts that just didn’t work out. Hey, it’s only a cup of coffee, and you didn’t even have to pay for the coffee, so what’s your problem?

If the two of you hit it off, you have options.

I’ll bet you’re going to tell us what they are.

Ah, you know me so well. First option won’t cost you a dime, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member. You can simply download #2, “Rude Awakening,” and work your way through the entire dozen stories. KU members can only retain ten items at a time, so you’ll be reading the stories and then returning them, but it’s a way to read the whole book for free.

And Option 2?

Well, you could buy “Rude Awakening,” and “You Can Call Me Lucky,” and “Clean Slate,” and so on, all the way through to the end. But that’s really not a great idea. You’d be paying $2.99 apiece for eleven stories, and you’d be way better off buying the complete book. Getting Off is just $4.36 for Kindle, for the complete book, and you’d spend more that for two episodes.

Seems like a no-brainer. So I should buy the ebook, right?

Well, you could. But the cover’s pretty spectacular, and Hard Case Crime volumes do spruce up a bookshelf, in addition to proclaiming their owner to be a person of taste and discernment. You can still buy the hardcover at Amazon, or the trade paperback.

You know what would be great? I mean, really great? A woman’s voice in my ear, recounting Kit Tolliver’s story

You’re in luck. The audiobook is by Recorded Books, and the voice is Lily Bask’s, and she certainly brings Our Girl to life.

And all this begins with a free download of “If You Can’t Stand the Heat.” Where’s the title come from, anyway?

The first episode’s set in a Manhattan neighborhood called Hell’s Kitchen. “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Get it?

Got it. So the book’s set in New York?

And Arizona and North Carolina and Washington State and other places along the way. Kit’s a peripatetic creature. She gets around.

Spreading joy wherever she goes. The subtitle says it’s a novel of sex and violence.

It’s that, all right. It’s also a love story, but you’ll find that out for yourself. Look, let’s not overthink this, okay? Like that proverbial first shot of smack, and for more or less the same reason, “If You Can’t Stand the Heat” is free. Boot up your Kindle and grab it.

And if you’re a Nookster, or a Kobohemian, or an ApplePolisher, just cut to the chase and buy Getting Off. Hey, you know you want to…

And here’s something I left out of the email newsletter: David reminds me that we have signed copies of the Hard Case Crime hardcover and paperback editions of Getting Off in LB’s eBay Bookstore. Probably just as well, as we don’t have too many left, so act now if you want one…



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