“…Get ready for a wild ride. I have never blushed this much reading a book in public ever before, and I relished every shameless second…

“Despite the graphic content of some of the scenes, when you step back and let your cheeks revert to their natural color, you’ll notice how impeccably crafted the prose is, and how much restraint Block shows in his descriptions…Getting Off is not only erotic and suspenseful, but smartly written and cleverly plotted, too, with a fiendishly funny finale waiting for readers in the very last line.

“And I can’t finish the post without mentioning that great cover art by Gregory Manchess. Hard Case Crime has given readers some of the best cover art of the past few years, and Getting Off stands tall among the best of the best.”

Read the full review in Pulp Serenade. And, in case you’ve forgotten what that great Gregory Manchess cover looks like, here it is again:

getting off cover