How to beat the system in 4 easy steps:

1. Click here and sign up for a 30-day FREE membership in Kindle Unlimited. Cost: $0.00
2. Borrow 10 books and download them to your Kindle. (Recommended: Keller’s Fedora, any of 16 Classic Crime Library  titles, any of 20+ Collection of Classic Erotica titles—or, if you must, something written by Somebody Else). Cost: $0.00
3. When you finish a book, return it with a mouse click and borrow another with another mouse click. You can have ten at a time on your virtual shelf. Cost: $0.00.
4. At the end of your 30-day trial period, cancel your membership. Total Cost: $0.00.

Amazon, of course, is betting you’ll hang around and pay them $9.99 a month, in return for which they’re essentially giving you the keys to the Great Library of Alexandria. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. Up to you. But either way the 30-day trial has got to be one of the world’s great bargains.

Wait a minute. Are you crazy? If we read your stuff for free, we’re ripping you off!

Whether I’m crazy or not is a subject we’ll leave for another time. But you’re not ripping me off by reading my books and stories on Kindle Unlimited. Amazon compensates the authors for KU use of their titles. Admittedly, it’s a slow way to get rich, but the more of my work you read, the better I make out.

What-all’s available on KU?

Thousands upon thousands of titles. Basically, anything I publish exclusively to Kindle is automatically enrolled in KU and available for borrowing at no charge. Besides the titles mentioned above, that would include 9 Keller stories, 12 Ehrengraf  stories, 12 Kit Tolliver stories, almost all of the John Warren Wells books—and, most recently, my short story collection, Catch and Release.

There’s got to be a downside. C’mon now. What’s the catch?

You might not get to spend as much time in front of the TV set. And there are still a few Law & Order re-runs you’ve only seen four or five times. Be a shame to miss them…

Sheesh, have you been reading my mail? I get the point. Better let me have that link again.