ResumeSpeedWith Resume Speed moving ever higher on the Kindle charts—just now it’s #278 among all paid Kindle titles, and #1 in all three listed categories—it’s probably a good time to let y’all know about the novella’s hardcover edition, coming this fall from Subterranean Press. They’ve just begun accepting pre-orders, and while it’ll be some months before they’re ready to ship, you might want to place your order now.

Why? Because Subterranean, one of the world’s leading small-press publishers, has a habit of selling out entire press runs before publication. On rare occasions they go back for a second printing, but most of the time they don’t, and the only way to obtain one of their books is by paying a higher price in the aftermarket.

Will that happen with Resume Speed? I don’t know about the $25 hardcover trade edition, but I’m fairly sure the signed  leather-bound edition will be oversubscribed. It’s limited to 200 copies at $40 apiece, and my guess is they won’t be available for long. If you want one, well, he who hesitates is out of luck. (Which is not to say you oughtn’t  look before you leap, so click here and have a good look. And then you can show me how high you can leap.)

CatchReleaseCoverPlease note that the cover shown here is not what you’ll see on the Subterranean Press volume. It’s the cover art for the Kindle eVersion. As Subterranean’s order page indicates, their cover will be by Ken Laager, and while I like the art the folks at Kindle Singles came up with, my guess is that Ken’s effort will put them in the shade. Ken did the great cover for Catch and Release, my short-story collection published as a joint venture of Subterranean and Hard Case Crime a couple of years ago, and long since sold out. (I was able to use his art on my ebook and trade paperback editions, and here’s a picture, so you’ll know what I’m talking about it, and the kind of quality you can expect from Ken.)

I am, as most of you probably know, and may even have grown tired of hearing, in Seclusion at an Undisclosed Location, and I ought to make the most of it by going back to work. But I did want to let you know of the availability of the Subterranean hardcover of Resume Speed. It’s been very exciting, watching this novella of mine climb the charts, racking up sales on Kindle and page reads via Kindle Unlimited. (Yes, it’s free to borrow if you’re a KU subscriber.)

Ah, well. Back to work…