David Trevor here. I’m not sure I’ve got the knack of writing headers.

I can explain. Yesterday LB sent out a newsletter all about the Limited Hardcover Edition of The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons. I’ve been swamped with orders, and they keep coming in. (I like that part.) But several people have written in, wondering how to go about buying the book via PayPal. They’re familiar with PayPal, they use it for eBay purchases all the time, but in the absence of an invoice or an order form, how can they do it?

Here’s what I’ve said in my replies:

Sorry, that wasn’t as clear as it might have been! But the process is simple enough once I explain it…

Just click here and you’ll go to a page on PayPal where they walk you right through the process. When they ask the address of the person to whom you’re making the payment, enter lawbloc@gmail.com. The amount of the payment is the full postpaid price, so that’s $79.99 for US orders, $94.99 for Canada, and $104.99 everywhere else. Make sure to input your shipping address, and there’s room for you to enter your email address in a note to the seller, along with anything else you want to tell us.

Any problem, just let me know.

David Trevor for LB

See? Nothing to it—but you have to know how to approach it, and we should have explained earlier. I’m sure those of you who took the trouble to write weren’t the only ones wondering. Thus this blog post.

Oops! A close friend of LB’s just emailed him with this useful thought:

“Thought about this yesterday, meant to write. Sorry to bring up one additional point about it all – but there are some people who have never used PayPal for anything and think they have to have a PayPal account to do so. DT might therefore want to send out a little addendum assuring everyone that they do not need a PP account for this but rather can use any old credit or debit card they have, just as they would in a store, simply using PayPal to facilitate the transaction.”

A good point. And LB tells me that the source of this wisdom is Jerrold Mundis, author of How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously. If he says it’s okay, how can you go wrong?