So this elderly gentleman is in the confessional, giving a richly detailed account of an affair he’s having with a twenty-two year old.

Priest: Excuse me, but from your accent I get the impression that you are Jewish.

Old dude: Yes, I am. So?

Priest: Well, uh, why are you telling me all this?

Old dude: I’m telling everybody!

ehrengraf_ftdWhat I’m telling everybody is that anyone with a Kindle can get the first Martin Ehrengraf story, The Ehrengraf Defense, absolutely free for the next forty-some hours. The deal lasts until 2:59 am on the morning of Thursday, May 10.

I’d understood—and initially reported—that the deal was US-only. But UK and Australian readers tell me they’re having no trouble downloading the story, so here’s a link to

And will this work in France? In Germany? In Spain? In Italy? Try it and see!

And, if it works, don’t keep it to yourself. Spread the word. Forward this post to anyone who might be interested. There’s no catch, beyond the possibility that you might like the story enough to read others in the series. So take a cue from the old fellow in the confessional. Tell everybody!