“…Block has collected all the Scudder novelettes and short stories into a new volume called The Night and the Music, which he’s published himself as an e-book and a trade paperback. They seem to be in the order in which he wrote them, which makes for a very interesting look at the evolution of the character…My favorite, I think, is the title story, “The Night and the Music”, which has no crime element at all, but instead finds Matt and his wife Elaine talking and listening to music in various places around their part of New York. That may not sound like much, but this story is so elegant and evocative that it reminds me very much of some of Irwin Shaw’s stories. (Shaw being one of my favorite non-genre writers.)

“Also in that vein is the final story in the book, the recently written and fittingly titled “One Last Night at Grogan’s”, again not a mystery or a crime story. I don’t know if Block plans to write any more about Matt Scudder, and he may not know, either, but “One Last Night at Grogan’s” has a beautifully elegiac feel to it, and if it does turn out to be the series’ farewell, it’s a good one.”

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