Lawrence Block: There’s some interesting news about the price of Getting Off.

Jill Emerson: Ah, the high cost of getting off. Always a problem…

LB: That’s Getting Off, with capital letters.

JE: Ah, my mistake. Capital letters. I have a problem with them, but then so did e. e. cummings. You know what they say about helping your Uncle Jack off a horse. Instead of holding your breath and turning purple, why don’t you tell me the interesting news?

LB: Well, as you know, Getting Off’s available for pre-order, and Titan’s hardcover edition has a list price of $25. Online booksellers are discounting it to $16 or $17.

JE: Sounds like a bargain. But didn’t we already know that?

LB: We did. But the eBook edition was priced at $14.29, and that’s where the news comes in. The publisher has reduced the eBook price, and you can pre-order it now for only $9.99.

JE: Now that’s good news.

LB: I thought you’d think so.

JE: Because you know what it means, Larry? Say, is it still okay to call you Larry?

LB: Whatever.

JE: What it means, Larry, is that people can buy them both.

LB: Both?

JE: Hey, gotta have Getting Off in hardcover, right? With that great cover? That’s an objet d’art if I ever saw one. A well-made hardcover book with a cover like that, you want a copy on your shelf.

LB: But if you own the hardcover, why would you want the eBook as well?

JE: You’re such an innocent.

LB: Me?

JE: Moi? Yes, you. What’s the best thing about the eBook experience?

LB: Uh, convenience? Low cost? Portability? Storage capacity?

JE: Not when it comes to Getting Off, with or without capital letters. With an eBook reader, you silly man, you get to turn the pages with one hand. Oh, look at you! I do believe you’re blushing.

LB: Nonsense. It’s warm in here. That’s all.