From an email I just received:

“…It is obvious to me why I love Bernie, Evan, and the Scudder ensemble, but not so much so why I love Keller. He is so calming yet fascinating, like Jane Austen.

“And one cannot explain: ‘LB has this series about a contract hit man that evokes in me the same reactions I have to Austen.’ (Typical responses: ‘Ah, yes, Elizabeth Bennett sleeps with the fishes.’) Thank you for giving us more and for including more of Julia and Jenny.

“As with all your characters, I will confuse myself because I think I know these people, even the marginal ones. Your fiction is one of the few where the suspension of disbelief is permanent…”

Keller has the most remarkable fans. And, if you’ve not yet joined their ranks, well, here’s your chance.