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In a career spanning more than fifty years, Lawrence Block has produced more than one hundred books, ranging in genre from hard-boiled detective stories to pseudonymous erotica. Collected here for the first time are more than forty-five afterwords from the works that made him a master of modern fiction.

Each afterword is an insightful reflection on the experiences that have brought Block’s fiction to life, from the lessons he learned as a reader at a literary agency to the unlikely—and semi-autobiographical—origins of the acclaimed Matthew Scudder series. Witty and inspiring, Afterthoughts is a must-read for Block fans and mystery lovers alike.

This book features an illustrated biography of Lawrence Block, including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author’s personal collection.(
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An eBook Afterword for DIFFERENT STROKES

I can explain. And I think I’d better. Let me begin by telling you, Gentle Reader, that the book you just read, the script and production diary of the 1970s film Different Strokes, is nothing but a pack of lies. No such film was ever produced, and all the engaging characters, the acts they perform […]

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Grifter’s Game

Here’s the afterword I wrote for the Grifter’s Game eBook. It appears in full in Afterthoughts, but you’re welcome to read it here: This turned out to be the first book published under my own name, although I assumed it would be pseudonymous soft porn when I started it. A couple of chapter in I decided it […]

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This just went out to newsletter subscribers… Well, hello there! I’m nine days back from Japan and still a little loopy from jet lag, but our timing couldn’t have been better. We got back to our New York apartment three hours after the power was restored. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, that was an early […]

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The Specialists

In 1969, Fawcett Gold Medal published The Specialists as a paperback original. In 1996, James Cahill printed a first hardcover edition, and after a few years I bought the remainder stock from him and have been selling it—sometimes at $25, sometimes at $20. When I opened the eBay store last week I dropped the price […]

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Not Comin’ Home to You

“Not Comin’ Home to You was the third and last book I published under the pen name of Paul Kavanagh. The first, Such Men Are Dangerous, was purportedly narrated by its author, a burnt-out CIA operative–turned-recluse; the second, The Triumph of Evil, was a third-person novel of political suspense featuring a Central European assassin. Not Comin’ Home […]

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Andrew Wheeler’s Review of Afterthoughts

  “Lawrence Block is one of the great mystery writers of our time; this is indisputable — and “our time” ranges back to about 1960, when Block started his transition from a teenage hack writer of sex novels (at amazing speed) into a writer with wider interests but a usual home in the field of […]

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Great Review of Afterthoughts…

“…It’s not a memoir, exactly — but it’s not not a memoir, either, and that deeply Blockian ambivalence to the clean, straight, obvious answer makes this a wonderful book for Block fans. He writes more thoroughly and in detail about both his early writing life — those sex books, those pseudonymous books, the quickie thrillers […]

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For my first all-out venture into self-publishing, I’ve collected all the Matthew Scudder short stories, added two new pieces along with an introductory appreciation by screenwriter/director Brian Koppelman, and brought out the resulting volume as an eBook and Print-on-Demand trade paperback. Isn’t it pretty? I wrapped the book up with an afterword (duh!) to tell […]

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When Afterthoughts first launched as an original eBook, many of you let me know that you were far more interested in a printed book. And some of you bought the eBook only to write me that you wanted a printed copy as well for your library. I’m happy to report that Open Road has a […]

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After the First Death

AFTER THE FIRST DEATH In the summer of 1964, I moved from the Buffalo suburb of Tonawanda to Racine, Wisconsin, to take an editorial position in the coin supply department of Whitman Publishing Company, itself a division of Western Printing. I enjoyed my time in the corporate world, but a year and a half of […]

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On Afterthoughts

HERE’S WHAT I INITIALLY POSTED ABOUT AFTERTHOUGHTS, BEFORE THE BOOK BECAME AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: When I was preparing forty-plus backlist titles for publication as Open Road eBooks, I decided to add value by contributing an afterword of 1000-2000 words to be appended to the end of each book. It turned out to be fun to do, […]

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An Unknown Pen Name! A Long-Lost Book! Romance! Intrigue! Irish Folk Songs!

And here, without further ado, or further exclamation points, is the afterword for a book nobody ever heard of, by a pen name on one ever heard from before or since: PASSPORT TO PERIL by Lawrence Block writing as Anne Campbell Clark In 1966 I was living at 16 Stratford Place, in New Brunswick, New […]

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Dean Wesley Smith Boosts AFTERTHOUGHTS in His Indispensable Blog

“Anyone who wants to be a writer, who is thinking of being a writer, or who just likes to read how a writer thinks will want to read Lawrence Block’s new book on writing called Afterthoughts. Plus it gives a very real, very clear picture of how things were in a long-ago time in this […]

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Dom Risk Reviews AFTERTHOUGHTS for iBooks UK

“Afterthoughts is three things. Firstly it is a collection of all the prologues & epilogues that LB has added to various stories throughout the years as they’ve received new attention. Secondly, it is a fantastic introduction to not only the unknown, but also the known titles by him. I consider myself a big fan, having several […]

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What They’re Saying About AFTERTHOUGHTS…

  I received the following IM from a prominent small-press publisher: “Larry, understand that I don’t have the @#$%ing time for this sort of nonsense, but I started reading Afterthoughts today, and found myself a quarter of a way through before I could stop myself. You’ve done us readers a great thing by gathering all of those […]

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James Reasoner on Afterthoughts

Block’s reminiscences are just as well-written and entertaining as his fiction, and even if you haven’t read all the books he’s talking about in this collection (I certainly haven’t, although I’ll probably get around to most of them eventually), I think you’ll really enjoy what he has to say about them and about his life […]

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Campus Tramp

In May, while I was out in California promoting the just-published A Drop of the Hard Stuff, I teamed up with Robert Silverberg for an onstage dialogue at a library in the Bay Area. We talked about our separate genres, crime and science fiction, but much of our talk concerned our shared past in what we’ve […]

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Deadly Honeymoon

DEADLY HONEYMOON It wasn’t my idea. The premise of Deadly Honeymoon, that is. It was Don Westlake’s idea, and I remember the evening he recounted it to me. My then–wife and I were at an upper flat in Brooklyn’s remote Canarsie section, where Don and his then–wife lived. We’d get together a few times a […]

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Two months ago, I shared a stage at the Belmont CA library with Robert Silverberg, the legendary science-fiction Grand Master. While Bob and I found success in different genres, we shared a past in the overwrought field of Midcentury Erotica, and that’s what we mostly talked about that night. This morning, my publishers at Mulholland Books posted […]

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Killing Castro

A little more than a month after I posted the following KILLING CASTRO afterthought, I found this remarkable review on the website   KILLING CASTRO In February or March of 1961, my then–wife and I were living in a spacious apartment in a luxury building with Central Park across the street and a slum on our […]

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