It’s been some time now since three of the Matthew Scudder titles went out of print. I got the rights back, and am very happy to announce that A Stab in the Dark, A Walk Among the Tombstones, and A Long Line of Dead Men are now eVailable, expertly formatted for ePublication by my friends at Telemachus Press and tricked out with handsome new covers to match the one on The Night and the Music.

aaaStabinDarkA Stab in the Dark is the fourth book in the series, and the first in which it begins to dawn on Matt that there might be soemthing the slightest bit problematic about his drinking. He’s hired when the police crack an old case of his, an Icepick Killer who murdered a batch of women years ago. But one of the victims can’t be tied to the man in police custody, and Scudder’s hired by her father to find out who really wielded the icepick. Scudder’s investigation takes him to a loft on Lispenard Street, where he meets and becomes involved with Jan Keane—who will play an important role in several future books, including #17, A Drop of the Hard Stuff.

aaaTombstonesA Walk Among the Tombstones, the tenth Matthew Scudder novel, finds him hired by Kenan Khoury, a Lebanese-American drug trafficker living in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge. Two men snatched his wife off the street, collected a six-figure ransom, and gave her back—in pieces. Scudder, assisted by TJ and a pair of computer hackers known as the Kongs, stays with the case all the way to a high-tension finale in Green-Wood Cemetery.


aaaDeadMenA Long Line of Dead Men, #12 in the series, recounts the story of the Club of Thirty-one, an ongoing secret society that traces its origins clar back to ancient Babylon. Its members meet once a year until only one man is left to recruit thirty others and start it all anew. But the current crop of members is shrinking at an unlikely rate. Is someone killing these men? And can Matthew Scudder do anything about it?

Ah, I see some hands raised. All right, I’ll take a few questions.

Those are all Kindle links. What about Nook? What about Apple? What about Kobo and Sony Reader and…

The books went live first on Amazon, and those are the links you’ll find above. But they’ll be eVailable everywhere, for all platforms. Here, for Kobo and Sony users, are Smashwords links for Stab, Walk, and Long Line. Nook and Apple links will appear here in due course.

EPUBThe-Night-And-The-Music-Cover-1When you ePublished The Night and the Music, you also came out with a handsome trade paperback edition. I liked mine so much I bought copies for several of my friends. Are you going to do the same for these three books?

Absolutely, but it’ll take a little while. My guess is the trade paperback editions should be on sale sometime in April. As with The Night and the Music, they’ll be available from online retailers, and the price will be the same, too—$16.99.

Suppose I want a signed copy?

Again, same story as with The Night and the Music. We’ll have copies for sale at LB’s Bookstore, and you’ll also be able to obtain the book from a select group of mystery specialty booksellers.