Last I looked, we had 182 different items on the virtual shelves of LB’s eBay Bookstore. When I finish this post, I’ll be adding ten anthologies; I spent some time this morning scanning their covers. As we open more boxes and probe the darker corners of some of the storage lockers, and as I convince LB that he’d be well advised to share his treasures with the world rather than hold on to them for the benefit of generations yet unborn, well, I’ll have new items to commend to your attention.

Meanwhile, here’s an update, with some links to make the hunt easier:

LARGE PRINT BOOKS – 42 of them at last count, and all but one prices at $9.99. (The other one’s $4.99, I think because the cover’s damaged.) Most of these are one of a kind, some are hardcover, some are trade paperback, and all are signed by the author.

AUDIOBOOKS – 43 of these, and 19 of them are CD, 24 are cassette, and one’s an MP3 download. Except for sets (three Tanner books, four Chip Harrison books, and the 48-hour two-volume audiobook of Enough Rope) everything’s on sale for $9.99. And again, they’re almost all one-copy-only.

THE SPECIALISTS – Still selling like crazy, and still on special for $4.99.

BREAK WRITER’S BLOCK NOW! by Jerrold Mundis. A great item for us for years for $19.99, and really moving nicely at our special price of $5.99.

THE BURGLAR WHO STUDIED SPINOZA and THE BURGLAR IN THE RYE. We’ll adjust the price upward when our stock gets a little lower, but for now we’re able to hold the special price of $9.99 each.

We’ve got high-ticket items as well: hardcover first editions of the first two Scudder novels, limited editions and special printings. And, because you’d be surprised how many people ask, let me say again that all the books (except the one by Jerrold Mundis, which LB didn’t write) are signed by him. If they’re anthologies, he’s signed his story; if he wrote an introduction, he’s signed that. The man’s a signing fool.

So drop by the store and see what we’ve got!