From the Department of All Things Technical:

Welcome to the updated! We’ve given the site a bit of an update (ok, a lot of an update…a makeover, if you will), and we hope you like it.

Changes you’ll see include…

We’ve gone through all the posts (every single one!) and given each at least one category. Most have more than one category because they’re about more than one topic or book. This means everything is easier to find, with nothing floating around Uncategorized.

The menu will now get you to LB’s work no matter what you’re looking for. A page for everyone and everyone on their page.

We’ve added Video to the menu, too, and staked out a spot on YouTube.

We’re still in the process of adding links for all the multitude of book retailers–have we mentioned that LB has written quite a few books?–but the listings are easier to browse because they also include descriptions of each of the books.

We haven’t removed anything, save a few posts that were just about sales that are long-since over.

If you were already subscribed to LB’s newsletter and/or to receive new posts by email, you still are. If you would like to be, use the forms on the right, please.

You’ll notice that posts now have those handy buttons to make it easier to share. And you know we love it when you do.

Please have a look around, and let us know what you think. Try though we have, we might have missed a link here or there, so if you find a broken one, we’d appreciate your letting us know. If you have a suggestion for something you’d like to see, we want to know. Compliments are, of course, always gratefully accepted. You can leave a comment here or email us.

Thank you for stopping by!