It seems like only yesterday that LB celebrated Orange Wednesday by offering a Matthew Scudder story (Looking for David) as a free Kindle download, and highlighted a batch of titles just listed in LB’s Bookstore.

Well, first the unembarrassing good news. Looking for David has been downloaded throughout the world, wherever Amazon has a website, and the last time I checked the total of copies y’all have snapped up was closing in on 750. And, because the supply of an electronic book is well-night inexhaustible, the Kindler Elves are in no danger of running out. The story’s free until the early morning hours Saturday, so just click on the link and it’s yours.

Physical books, however, are another story. Of the eight anthologies we listed, all but seven are gone—and someone may have gobbled up Hard-Boiled by the time you read this. This is good news for us—we like it when books sell—but leaves us in the embarrassing position of trying to do business from an empty pushcart.

Fortunately, the pushcart’s not really empty. The three ongoing bargains we listed, The Specialists, One Night Stands & Lost Weekends, and Break Writers Block Now, are in good supply, and the orders we received were not enough to empty those particular shelves. (Though I don’t suppose they’ll last forever…)

And we’ve got other anthologies in the bookstore. Most are one of a kind, so if you spot one you want, you might not want to spend too much time mulling it over. Here’s some of what we’re got:

Ed Gorman’s First Annual Mystery & Crime Stories
Ed Gorman’s Second Annual Mystery & Crime Stories
Ed Gorman’s Third Annual Mystery & Crime Stories
100 Hilarious Little Howlers
Perfectly Criminal 2: Whydunit?
The Best of the Best
Year’s Best Mystery & Suspense of 1992
Mothers & Sons
Second Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction
Mammoth Book of Locked Room Mysteries
Year’s 25 Finest Mystery & Crime Stories

Whew…my favorite task, making and posting one link after another, but I’m not complaining. Click on ’em and load up on stocking stuffers.

The boss has one request. If you’ve downloaded Looking for David, and if you’ve not only read it but actually enjoyed it, would you revisit the Amazon page and post a review? Baby needs stars…

David Trevor for LB’s eBay Bookstore