Sweet praise for TCOOL

Terry Zobeck is a participant in a Yahoo members-only newsgroup centering on magazine fiction, and a devoted reader and collector with particular expertise on Dashiell Hammett. Recently, and with some reticence as I don’t see the group as a proper vehicle for... read more

Back in stock!

~David Trevor here. A week ago LB found three hardcover first edition copies of the Hard Case Crime/Subterranean Press double volume of Strange Embrace and 69 Barrow Street, two examples of what LB has come to call Midcentury Erotica. He decided he wanted to own one... read more

Eine nicht-so-kleine Nachtmusik, Act Two—

I published this blog post yesterday, June 18, and later discovered that most of the links went to the wrong places. This should have been easy to correct, but it wasn’t, and it took an hour and a half of diligence, ingenuity, and non-stop cursing to get the job... read more