Eine nicht-so-kleine Nachtmusik, Act Two—

I published this blog post yesterday, June 18, and later discovered that most of the links went to the wrong places. This should have been easy to correct, but it wasn’t, and it took an hour and a half of diligence, ingenuity, and non-stop cursing to get the job... read more

Eine nicht-so-kleine Nachtmusik…

Keeping close tabs on your book sales is a good sign that you’ve got too much time on your hands. Still, technology makes the process irresistibly simple. Click! The page is refreshed, and look at that—you just sold the third copy this month of an eVersion of a... read more

A whole lot of rhubarb…

That’s what my Frequent Companion and I encountered two weeks ago at the annual Rhubarb Festival in Aledo, Illinois. We also saw the Bear Tree in Bloomington and the Kokomantis in Kokomo, and posted an abundance of photos on Facebook, where you can probably... read more

A Burglar’s Complaint

A couple of months ago, a woman named Bianca emailed me from Germany. Could I write something around 700 words long for a New York guide book called 38 Hours? I could and I did, and they’ve just now sent me a copy of the book, with my effort printed, and with a... read more