CatchReleaseCoverThis’ll be short and sweet.

Catch and Release, my new short-story collection, is on sale. The Subterranean Press hardcover edition is essentially sold out, although you can still find booksellers with copies available. (I signed stock at the Mysterious Bookshop, and they may have a few left; call Ian Kern at (800) 352-2840. Signed copies are also available, while they last, from VJ Books at (503) 750-5710).

UPDATE: Mysterious Bookshop tells me their copies are all gone!

The eBook has been out for about a week, and you can pick it up for $9.99 at Amazon for Kindle, B&N for Nook, or Smashwords for everything else.

And just yesterday the trade paperback went on sale at Amazon, where it’s in stock for immediate delivery. As you can see, it’s a beautiful book, in the same format and with the same cover art as the hardcover. The price is $14.99, but at the moment Amazon’s discounting it slightly to $14.24.

And Dreamscape’s Catch and Release audiobook is coming soon and available for pre-order. (I did the narration, with a little help from the former Lynne Wood.)

See? I told you it’d be short.

And here’s the sweet part, for the Kindlers among you. Starting at midnight Pacific Time (or 3am Eastern) I’ll be giving away “Dolly’s Trash & Treasures,” a story about a woman who likes to hang on to things. It was originally written for a UK audio anthology, and will give you a free taste of Catch and Release.

Didn’t you write a new novel this summer? I suppose we’ll have to wait a year and a half for it.

Not quite that long. Can you hold out for three months? Because I expect to publish it before the first of the year.

You’re kidding. What’s it about? What’s the title? Who’s in it?

I’ll have an announcement in less than a month. And you’ll be the first to hear. That’s a promise.