I know, you just heard from me a few days ago, right? Last thing I want to do is clutter your mailbox. But I don’t want y’all to miss this.

ResumeSpeedYou may recall I’ve mentioned a novella I wrote immediately after finishing work on the updated edition of Writing the Novel from Plot to Print to Pixel. I sat down to write a short story, and damned if it didn’t Topsy its way to 21,000 words.

It’s just been released as a Kindle Single. That means it’s about to get a major Amazon push, as always happens for the titles selected for their Kindle Singles program. So you may hear about it from Amazon—but I wanted you to hear it from me first.

So what’s it about, LB?

Didn’t I say? It’s about 21,000 words long, and—oh, that’s not what you meant, is it?

Not exactly, no.

It’s about a fellow in North Dakota who gets on a bus headed for Spokane. A sign in a restaurant window leads him to hop off in Cross Creek, Montana, and within an hour he’s got a job and a room and a start on a new life. He decides to pick up a library card, and next thing you know he’s got a girlfriend. And one thing keeps leading to another, and the life that’s shaping up for him is everything he ever wanted.

And then what happens?

You’ll find out when you read it. The few friends I’ve shown it to say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done, and that there’s something special about the story and the narrative voice. That’s not a judgment for me to make, but I’m more than happy to take their word for it.

You can judge for yourselves. It’s on sale right now for $2.99. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read it for free. Here are links to all Amazon platforms:  Amazon USA  Amazon UK   Germany   France   Spain   Italy   Netherlands   India   Japan   Canada  Brazil  Mexico  Australia

And will there ever be a print version?

There will, and it should be absolutely beautiful. Subterranean Press will be bring it out in both trade and limited hardcover editions, and as soon as they’re taking orders, I’ll let y’all know—because I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell out in a hurry.

No worries, though, with the ebook. They won’t run out. It’s what you might call a renewable resource…

And that’s all I’ve got. The real promotion starts tomorrow or the next day, so this is your chance to jump the line. I do hope you enjoy it.


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