It’s the first of the month, and it’s my habit to mark the occasion by making “Rabbits, rabbits” my first utterance of the day. This is supposed to bring good luck for the new month. I can’t say it doesn’t work; those months that have seemed less than ideal might, but for this ritual, have turned out even worse.
rabbit stamp
But the first of the month is noteworthy for those of you who are Amazon Prime members, because a new month provides you with a new chance to borrow an eligible eBook at no cost. And what makes an eBook eligible? It has to be a Kindle Select title, which is to say that its publisher has made it available only to Kindlegartners.

As a public service, let me provide you with a list of my own eligible titles:

1. All the John Warren Wells books: Beyond Group Sex, Come Fly With Us, Different Strokes, Doing It!, Eros & Capricorn, Love at a Tender Age, The Male Hustler, The Mrs. Robinson Syndrome, The New Sexual Underground,, The Sex Therapists, Sex Without Strings, The Taboo Breakers, 3 is not a Crowd, Tricks of the Trade, Versatile Ladies, Wide Open, The Wife-Swap Report.
rabbit stamp ghana
2. Four Keller stories: Keller on the Spot, Keller’s Adjustment, Keller’s Horoscope, Keller’s Therapy.

3. Ehrengraf for the Defense. (This is the complete collection; the individual stories are also available, but why waste a month’s borrowing privilege on one story when you can get all eleven?)

4. These Matthew Scudder stories: A Candle for the Bag Lady, Looking for David, The Merciful Angel of Death, A Moment of Wrong Thinking, One Last Night at Grogan’s, Out the Window.

5. These Stories from the Dark Side: Catch and Release, A Chance to Get Even, In for a Penny, Who Knows Where It Goes, Welcome to the Real World, Like a Bone in the Throat, Dolly’s Trash and Treasures, You Don’t Even Feel It, Headaches and Bad Dreams, Three in the Side Pocket, Sweet Little Hands.

It’s getting late, and as you can see I got tired of making links somewhere in the middle. Besides, I know what a resourceful lot y’all are. Remember, what you don’t borrow you can always (gulp!) buy. The books are $4.99, the shorter works $2.99. Have fun!
And if you forgot to say “Rabbits, rabbits” first thing this morning, well, I’m sure you’ll make it through the month just fine. Still, you might want to mark your calendar for April 1. What could it hurt?