Hi—David Trevor here, with what the headline says. LB says write it myself, so that’s what I’m doing.

A while back we listed three titles with Amazon as third-party sellers. This seemed like a good idea, but sales have been slow, and they have to charge us for storage on stock that doesn’t move, or charge us for shipping it back to us. So LB made an executive decision, and as of April 30, we’re instructing them to destroy the books on hand. Goodbye, warehouse. Hello, landfill.

First, though, we dropped the prices through the floor. These prices include free shipping for Amazon Prime members, and they’re genuinely ridiculous. The only catch is you have to scoop them up before the end of the month.

TCOOL-HC 21. THE CRIME OF OUR LIVES. LB’s collection of critical articles and reminiscences of crime writers. We sell this as an ebook for $4.99, or as a trade paperback for $14.99. Well, between now and April 30, you can buy the hardcover for $9.99 with free shipping.  (Orig. list price: $24.99.) Great gift item, esp. at this price. Buy as many as you want, they’ve got a slew of them, and what you don’t buy gets pulped.

spoons limited cover 22.  THE BURGLAR WHO COUNTED THE SPOONS. Bernie Rhodenbarr #11, the signed-and-limited leatherbound collector’s edition. Orig. $79.99, but we reduced the price recently to $29.99 because we had too many copies on hand. We also shipped some to Amazon, and they still have (last I looked) 38 copies left. We don’t want to pay storage or shipping on these, so either you buy them by the end of the month or they go in a landfill. The price to you is $9.99, and that includes shipping. I told LB this is a steal. Fine, he said. So let them steal ’em. OOPS! ALL 38 OF THESE SOLD OUT IN A MATTER OF HOURS.

mundis3. BREAK WRITER’S BLOCK NOW! by Jerrold Mundis. The primer on unblocking that LB has been recommending for years. And we’ve been selling the book ever since LB bought out the publisher’s remainder stock. We sent Amazon 50 copies, and they’ve got 32 left, and the boss says sell ’em or pulp ’em. So you can now buy this helpful book for $4.99 with free shipping—unless someone else beats you to it, or the clock runs out at the end of the month.

Hey, that’s all I got. LB’s been publishing backlist titles left and right, in the Classic Crime Library and the Collection of Classic Erotica, but he’ll tell you all about it in the next newsletter. I’m not sure why I picked this template for the newsletter, it’s pretty lame, but the books are anything but, and the prices are…well, you know. Ridiculous.

Oh, right. LB’s eBay Bookstore has been closed since he went off to write something. He’s back, but the store’s not scheduled to reopen for another couple of weeks. When it does, we’ll have an Important Announcement…

David Trevor for LB

PS: As he always says, please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might find it of interest. And, if you’ve received the newsletter in that fashion from a friend and would like your own subscription, that’s easily arranged; a blank email to lawbloc@gmail.com with Newsletter in the subject line will get the job done.
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