Back in October, on the train heading home to New York from Raleigh Bouchercon, I got an idea for a short story. Now it had probably been percolating for a long time, because I can trace its origins to a personal experience I’d heard a man recount perhaps thirty-five years ago. But now for the first time I saw how it could be a story, and one I seemed interested in writing.

So I let it percolate a bit more. And when it didn’t subside, as most ideas do, or waste away of Failure to Thrive syndrome, I knew I wanted to write it. But I couldn’t, not right away, because my first priority was the expanded and updated edition of Writing the Novel from Plot to Print.

So I got on that, as I’m sure I’ve told you, and it went well, so much so that I’ll be publishing the book, larger by half than the original and now cleverly retitled Writing the Novel from Plot to Print to Pixel, sometime after the first of the year.

Now I can relax, I told myself, but Myself wasn’t having any. Now you can write the short story, the swine replied.

So I set out to do that, figuring it would make a nice compact story of 3500 to 5000 words.

Shows what I know. I seemed to have a longer story to tell than I’d realized, and watched it grow from short story to novelette. I’ve just now reached the end, and since the end seems to be 20,000 words away from the beginning, I guess we can call the thing a novella. Not that these distinctions mean anything much. It’s a story, is what it is. A long one. My novels lately have been running around 80-90,000 words, so it’s perhaps a quarter the length of a book. (My early novels were more like 50-60,000 words. Just so you know.)

It’s not part of a series, nor is it the start of one. It is what it is, and its title is Resume Speed.

And how can y’all get to read it? Good question. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do with it, but we live in fast times. My guess is it’ll be eVailable within the next couple of months.