So I left the house early this morning to catch the Magritte show at the Museum of Modern Art—as if it’s insufficiently surrealistic around here, as I tweeted before departing. I’m glad I went, the man combined great painterly ability with a unique imagination, and I realized that the works I was looking at were the visual (and distinctly European) equivalent of zen koans.

I’d always liked this image, and it was nice to see the real thing:








“This is not a pipe.”

Right. And I enjoyed looking at it, and reading the explanations of what the artist was getting at. But I don’t think that would have prompted me to hurry home and blog about it. It took the subway to make that happen.

The E train, as it happens, and one whole side of my car was given over to a single ad campaign, placed by the people from Microsoft. And thus I saw this visual, everywhere I looked:







Okay. Thanks, guys.