I received the following IM from a prominent small-press publisher: “Larry, understand that I don’t have the @#$%ing time for this sort of nonsense, but I started reading Afterthoughts today, and found myself a quarter of a way through before I could stop myself. You’ve done us readers a great thing by gathering all of those essays together.” Bill S.

And here are some posts by Facebook friends:

“Finished it last night, thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll have some comments about it on my blog sometime next week, more than likely.” James R.

“LOL, I started mine yesterday too. I ended up reading into the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for doing this!! :)” Debbie S. W.

“I’m reading it too, and find myself wanting to read each of the books. Which was your master plan, yes? Good thing I already have a lot of them!” Susan C. P.

“Just started Afterwords and I can already tell that I’m not going to get my chores done today!” Lisa O. W.

“Read it through in one sitting which was amazing considering that I stopped every few minutes to download one of your books. I think my Nook is about to burst into flames…” Mary McC.

I was able to assure Mary that her Nook could take it. In fact a principle applies here that’s rather like that underlying weight resistance training. The more books you load onto your Nook or Kindle, the stronger it becomes. Should Afterthoughts inspire you to treat your eReader of choice to a good nutritious meal, may I recommend that you go to the Books page of this very blogsite? Some of the eBooks, especially the new ones from Open Road, can be almost impossible to find with Amazon’s temperamental search engine. Here on my blog you’ll find a list of everything that’s presently available (updated as new titles are released) with live links that will take you right to the correct order page.